Thursday, June 2, 2011


PHISH! The band of my trouble angst-ridden 20's.

I'm going to see them at The Gorge and Dick's. It will be a good show, filled with awesome trippy visualize and super hot half-naked chicks dancing up on my junk. Oh ya, you know it will be a good time!

But for real, it's cool being surrounded by kind vibes. I love the music and the cool air coming down from above!


GamerGanz said...

Hah! First follower! I beat you Chase! :P
Nice blog, I'm looking forward to seeing what knowlage you'll share in the future! :)

Chicity11 said...

Haven't listened to Phish since high school. Those were the days.

Raymond said...

Phish is one of my favorite psychedelic bands! You're lucky to get to go to a concert... I'm totally jealous

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